Bill Parkinson

Sageworks Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church

While I grew up in Dallas, home of Dallas Theological Seminary and a hotbed of Evangelical Christianity, no one ever shared the gospel with me until my junior year at the University of Texas. There, my life and relationship with my future wife, Ann, was transformed through the dynamic witness of Campus Crusade for Christ and the biblical community we experienced.

For the first time in my life, I realized that the God of the universe loved me and had come to earth to rescue me from my sin! All He asked of me was that I place my faith in Him, and He promised to not only forgive me but to empower me to be the man I had always longed to be.

His life-changing presence and radical vision for my life led my new wife and I into vocational ministry for four years with Campus Crusade at the University of Arkansas. Seeing hundreds of students come to Christ and begin discipling others motivated us to seek theological training at Dallas Seminary. Four years of equipping in the Scriptures by gifted teachers led us to believe that the church was God’s primary tool for reaching the world and multiplying disciples.

After graduation, we felt God calling us to join a team planting a church in Little Rock, AR – Fellowship Bible Church. This new body saw many of our former students from the University of Arkansas join with us. They wanted to be a part of a church that had the same commitment to discipleship and reaching the world for Christ that they had experienced in college. I have been privileged to serve the church as an Elder and Teaching Pastor, and to see it become an irresistible influence for Christ in our city and around the world.