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Conway Institute

Our institute is a nine-month intensive training program committed to equipping clergy and lay leaders in Biblical disciple-making. The Institute accepts students each year from the Conway community and beyond and trains them in Bible, Discipleship, and Biblical Manhood/Womanhood. Our goal is that each graduate may be well-equipped to make disciples in their home and local church, and practice discipleship as a lifestyle in their community. Students must have a pastor recommendation to be accepted.

You can read more about the Conway Institute here.


See what others are saying about Downline.

“Downline is life changing regardless of where you are in your spiritual walk, it is an opportunity for personal growth unlike any other teaching experience. The program offers a sense of direction through scripture with experienced, thought provoking instructors who make learning and practical application seamless. It is a program true to its design for equipping students to disciple family and community. Its definitely worth the investment.” – Karen Fulgham (Downline Conway 2015-16 Alumni & Faithful Woman Award Recipient)

"Downline for me has been a tremendous experience thus far. It is life-changing, enlightening, fulfilling, and humbling. It has put the love and grace of God clearly in focus in my life and in the life of those I have shared with. It has also made me realize that anyone can be a disciple of Christ and opportunities to share his word are around us every day." - Dr. Matt Fulmer

"I wanted to go through Downline for a number of reasons, the main one being I felt a need for more intensive training in discipling others for the work I do with disciples personally, and through Celebrate Recovery. It has been an incredible journey thus far. I have been given so many tools and resources to be able to communicate Biblical truths to others more effectively. An unexpected benefit has been a greater knowledge of God’s grand story that helps me read and understand the Bible in a whole new way. Through this experience God has also created in me a deeper sense of urgency to be about the Lord’s business of making disciples." -Louis Young

"Seeing and getting a deeper understanding of God’s plan has changed my life. I feel motivated to share the message of salvation through Jesus as I believe he himself instructed me to do. Spending time in God’s word has changed from something that I knew I was supposed to do, to something I can’t wait to do." -Dr. Clint Koen

"Downline has honed my purpose as a follower of Christ. We all want to know what we’re on earth to do, and Downline has pointed out to me where the Bible tells me exactly what that is. Now I see everyone around me a little differently. My peers are no longer people I passively go through life next to; instead they are potential disciples, and disciples are world-changers." -Sherry Meredith

"Downline is the very first place where I've got a chance to learn more about discipleship and the importance of it. Sadly, we don't talk about discipleship in the Czech Republic, and so no one really does it. It is very refreshing to have a platform where I can learn more about the Bible, God and His wonderful plan of Salvation. I love that Downline challenges me to think about my relationship with God and others, but also to think and brainstorm in more practical way how to apply all the new knowledge into my life back in Czech - in my church and my community, and how I can use all what has been given to me to bless others and impact their lives." -Petrunda Jindrová

“Downline has been an incredible experience for me so far.  I have learned so much about subjects where I did not even know I was lacking.  Prior to Downline, I had been apart of discipleship training, but nothing compares to the quality of teaching and applicability that comes with Downline courses.  I can’t wait to attend classes every week and leave feeling so excited and filled.  I couldn’t be happier with my experience so far!” -Collin Radack (Downline Conway 2016-17)