Helpful Resources in Light of SCOTUS Ruling

We do not live or make disciples in a culture-less vacuum.  While we cannot surrender to the culture or let the culture lead us in matters of truth, we would also be foolish to ignore the culture, and what is happening all around us.  God is not surprised by the Supreme Court’s ruling, nor does it change the reality of the Gospel or our mission to make disciples.  However it will require that we continue to grow in wisdom and courage as it pertains to reaching a lost world that is increasingly hostile to the biblical sexual ethic.

In light of this recent SCOTUS ruling in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, we felt compelled to share several resources we have found helpful in the midst of the changing cultural landscape on sexuality.

We serve the same Lord, and proclaim the same gospel that we did before the ruling came down Friday. Let’s press on making disciples, speaking the truth in love, and praying for our LGBT neighbors.