Category: Discipleship

The Hole in Our Holiness

Kevin DeYoung has done us all a favor and written a great book on properly understanding the pursuit of holiness.  There are many in our churches, and many nonbelievers who have this perception, that think the Christian life is all about trying to do the right things so God will accept you.  Yet the Gospel […]

Living by the Book

Sadly, personal Bible study has fallen on hard times.  There are many reasons for this, but one refrain that you often hear is that people don’t really know how, they don’t feel equipped to study it for themselves.  Enter Howard Hendricks who wrote a helpful resource called Living by the Book.  While there are many different […]

Crazy Busy

When we talk about disciple-making, one of the common hurdles people feel that they’re facing is being too busy. I’ve already got so much on my plate, and now you want me to add making disciples to my packed out schedule?

Master Plan of Evangelism

As far as books other than the Bible on disciple-making go, there may be none more impactful than Master Plan of Evangelism. Robert Coleman wrote this book in 1963, yet 50 years later it remains a trusted classic on the vision and principles of disciple-making. Coleman lays out 9 principles that Jesus used in his training […]

In the Gap

Ever think about what God was stirring up in people years ago?  What did they write about?  What influenced them?  In the Gap by David Bryant is one of those masterpieces written 70 years ago.  Bryant’s heart for the nations oozes out of this book.  This book, with the first edition written in 1945, is a reminder […]