Alumni Spotlight – Karen Fulgham

Q:  When did you go through Downline and what prompted you to do it.Karen
I went through Aug 2015-May 2016. I was prompted to attend Downline out of the desire for a deeper experience with Christ, and to gain biblical knowledge about Him so that I can teach others that a life with Jesus is the hope we are all looking for; that the will of God is best for our life, the life we are designed for.

Q: Looking back, what was the most impactful part of your Downline experience?
The gathering together of people with common minds and common purpose was a big impact. It was inspiring to be in the midst of people of all ages seeking Truth direction for their life and the lives of others.

Q: What was your favorite session or book of the Bible that you learned? 
The sessions on Biblical womanhood and manhood were the most eye opening for me. For the first time in my life, I feel like I understand my identity as a woman of God. The sessions spoke a lot about who we are in the image of God which is the origin of where we are now and where we are going. I feel equipped and more confident in teaching other women God’s direction for their life.

Q: How has Downline impacted your work life?
My work life impact is realizing I work too many hours and I need to cut back so that I can fit people into my life for relationships. And in these relationship, disciple them in a life where Christ is the focus. I am more intentional with the people around me to reflect biblical truth at work.

Q: How has Downline impacted your family life?
With family, I seek more intentionally to teach and reflect biblical truths in everyday life without occasion. I have understood that as my role as a mother and a wife.

Q: In what ways did God most deeply shape and change you through your Downline experience?
Wow! He made me realize that I have been “working” to change people rather than “living” to lead people. The latter is a life changing faith.
I now recognize my voice as an instrument He needs to, faithfully speak truth into peoples lives while He transforms our hearts. A wonderful investment in my life and the lives of others in the most meaningful way.

Q: Why do you think others should make the 9-month investment in doing Downline?
Downline is life changing regardless of where you are in your spiritual walk, it is an opportunity for personal growth unlike any other teaching experience.  The program offers a since of direction through scripture with experienced, thought provoking instructors who make learning and practical application seamless. It is a program true to its design for equipping students to disciple family and community. Its definitely worth the investment.

Note for Downline Conway Director: Karen won’t tell you this when she talks about her time in Downline Conway, but she was named the Faithful Woman for the 2015-16 class. We’re pretty proud of her and thankful to have amazing students like Karen that put the principles we teach into practice.