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2018 Preview Night – March 8

Interested in seeing what the Downline Institute is all about? Join us for a Preview Night class on Thursday evening, March 8 at 6:30 PM at 766 Harkrider. For more info contact Tara at

Join us for the 2016-17 Downline Conway Graduation & Banquet

It is hard to believe that there are only 2 weeks left of teaching in the Downline Conway 2016-17 year! This year has been fantastic. The class has been an awesome group and I can’t wait to see them launch out to make disciples in their homes, churches, and community. We are going to be celebrating the […]

Karen Fulgham Testimony

“Downline is life changing regardless of where you are in your spiritual walk, it is an opportunity for personal growth unlike any other teaching experience.  The program offers a sense of direction through scripture with experienced, thought provoking instructors who make learning and practical application seamless. It is a program true to its design for […]

Collin Radack Testimony

“Downline has been an incredible experience for me so far.  I have learned so much about subjects where I did not even know I was lacking.  Prior to Downline, I had been apart of discipleship training, but nothing compares to the quality of teaching and applicability that comes with Downline courses.  I can’t wait to attend classes every […]

2016-17 Off to a great start!

It is hard to believe that this week is the 5th week of Downline Conway 2016-17! We have a great group this year. I’d love for you to get to meet them if you ever want to stop by on a Tuesday morning or Thursday evening. 2014-15 (Video/Live teaching hybrid year) 11 students 2 different […]